Barry T’s Modernistic Engravers was started about 30 years ago as a means for it’s founder, Barry Tillema, to work after school. In the beginning Barry had a hand engraver in the garage of his home and mostly made name tags, plates, etc for his family and friends. But, after a while, he was getting requests from schools and businesses. Barry T’s Specialties (the original name of the business) was born.


About Us

Word spread and his business continued to grow.  Around 14 years ago Barry T’s bought out another engraving shop in town, “Modernistic Engravers” that was closing it’s doors. The new purchase included automated engravers that allowed the engraving of odd-sized objects. It also gave the ability to use school and business logos and expanded their library of fonts.  

Barry T’s Modernistic Engravers has been in it’s present location ever since and it’s customer base is comprised of schools, businesses, companies, churches, youth organizations and teams along with personalized gifts for anyone.